8K Digital Brightway Services’ gets 20 year ISP license for Telugu states


Sri Subhash Reddy, MD of Brightway Communications, one of the largest MSOs in Telangana and President of the Telangana MSOs Federation, has now entered into the Internet field with an own license as an Internet Service Provider. He has earlier partnered with BSNL to do business through Brightway Communications and has now decided to offer Internet services exclusively through another company, 8K Digital Brightway Services Pvt. Ltd.

Sri Subhash Reddy, who has been thinking in this direction for some time, applied to the Telecommunications Department of the Ministry of Communications on November 17, 2020 for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) license. On April 22, 2021, the Department of Telecom approved and asked that the relevant documents be submitted. To that end, all formalities were completed and the contract was signed on June 11.
This Unified License will be in force for 20 years and 8K Digital Brightway Services Pvt. Ltd. operates in the Category ‘B’ as an Internet Service Provider in the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The agreement was signed by Mr. M. Eashwar, Director (Technology), Department of Telecommunications, and Mr. M. Pranav Reddy, Director, 8K Digital Brightway Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Subhash Reddy, who has always been at the forefront of constantly evolving technology and updating with new things to keep pace with changing environment, has repeatedly been preaching that the cable operators should benefit from the internet business since digitization. He has also been advocating in favor of Broadband to gain an upper hand over DTH. Now, he himself has entered the field to provide internet service.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent epidemic. Many employees from the cities moved to the villages and started working from home. That is why the need for internet has increased even in the villages. Schools, on the other hand, have become dependent on online lessons as they have not started physical clasees. Thus, Internet has become an inevitable tool for them.
As part of the new trends in the entertainment industry, the use of the Internet has increased dramatically due to the rise of OTT platforms. Wired broadband has become almost mandatory more than wireless broadband to meet these requirements. Speed, ease of use, and low cost are some of the factors that are attracting wired broadband. Demand for this sector has while the provision of wireless broadband by mobile phone companies has its limitations.
In the case of cable operators, people are inclined to take internet services under their auspices as they are already working with them very closely. LCOs provide services from house to house. Some cable operators have also completed laying Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and as such it is possible to provide these services in the shortest possible time. It is understood that the head of Brightway recognized the opportunities in this field after considering all these prevailing conditions.
8K Digital Brightway Services is expected to expand its Internet services across the two Telugu states soon as the formalities of License are completed. The Internet service, which is run by a well-known MSO, is certainly likely to cater to the interests of cable operators. With such an opportunity, we can look forward to the situation where cable business will always be ahead of DTH with its internet business.


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