BARC studies on impact of landing page advts.


Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) has started serious studies on the impact of the landing page advertisement on viewership. Raising their voice against the unfair assessment of viewership, several broadcasters have written to TRAI to take steps against usage of landing page to boost a channel’s ratings. With this, BARC was bound to study the impact of the advertisements and give its report to TRAI.
The landing page only does an unfair assessment of viewership but also affects advertisers’ response for several broadcasters. Ranking on BARC’s chart is one of the main factors considered by advertisers while choosing a channel for advertising.
The broadcasters also proposed a few measures to address the abuse without restraining the MSOs’ revenue stream. The broadcasters suggested that the landing page should be used only for promotion without BARC watermark and the joint industry body should find a technical solution to remove landing channel from its measurement. “Until BARC can implement a full technical solution, it must be directed to manually correct the viewership data for cleaning out landing channel reach getting reported as legitimate reach. There should also be a rule ensuring that person or company owning distribution and broadcast is not allowed to use landing channel for their own channels
As a part of its ongoing ‘data validation quality initiative’ aimed at improving measurement science and mitigating impact on viewership of extraneous factors, BARC India is introducing algorithms into its data validation method to mitigate the impact of landing page on viewership data across all genres of channels. “The results of hundreds of hours of research and several months of rigorous development and testing are very promising. BARC India will now be able to mitigate any landing page anomaly to better reflect viewer’s choice.” says, BARC India measurement science and business analytics chief Dr Derrick Gray.
The landing page usage controversy doesn’t seem to be settling anytime soon even when a two-member industry committee is reviewing the pros and cons of it.


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