Deadline for comments on amendments to Cable TV Act extended


Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB) has extended the deadline for furnishing comments on the decriminalization of minor offenses under the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995. until 15th August, 2020.The deadline was initially set on 24th July. Now all stakeholders and others may send their valuable comments / viewpoints to the ministry by 15th August, 2020

Section 16 under chapter IV of the act lays down jail term up to 5 years for contravention of provisions of the act which includes proper registration of a Cable TV network, transmission of program through addressable systems, use of standard equipment, not interfering with any telecommunication system. The act also includes program code and advertising code. Hence, deletion of section 16 will bring an end to unnecessary jail terms, legal challenges for operators.

Under the proposed amendment, the punishment will limit to seizing the equipment of the operator if the fault is at the level of cable operators. Any contravention of program code and advertising code will lead to cancellation of channel permission, forcible run of apology scroll. Treatment of Violations under Section 5 (Program Code) and Section.

The Ministry has decided to delete the entire provision of Section 16, Section 17 and Section 18 under Chapter IV of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995, captioned as ‘Offenses & Penalties’. It comes under the broad exercise of the current central government which has planned to undertake a wide-ranging review of existing laws and decriminalize many minor offenses.

General public & Stakeholders are requested to send their feedback / comments on the said matter at this email id: by 15th August, 2020.



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