Dish TV launches Zing Super FTA Box for Free Channels


Direct to home DTH operator Dish TV has launched a new Zing Super FTA Box in the market to connect with the customers of Prasar Bharati’s free DTH service DD Free Dish. In this set top box, you can watch all 186 plus TV channels of DD Free Dish absolutely free of cost without any monthly recharge. At the same time, you can also add your desired Paid channel with them.
Zing Super FTA Set Top Box will be a part of Dish TV Pvt Ltd Company in which no encryption has been installed so that you will be able to watch all DD Free Dish and other free to air channels without any hindrance. If we get this new set top box installed at our home, then it is also very important to know how the Zing Super FTA Box Offer and Packs are. See, some terms and conditions also apply with this new set top box, which are as follows:
• On getting a new connection of Zing Super FTA set top box, you will be given a total of more than 230 channels including all the channels of DD Free Dish to watch absolutely free for the whole 2 years.
• These 230 channels include some of the main free to air channels which are not a part of DD Free Dish but will be given to you for free.
• Along with the rest of these channels, all the channels of DD Free Dish whose total number is more than 186.
Zing Super FTA Box Offers
After the completion of two years, you will have to do a recharge of 499 / – per year, which will be valid for a whole year. In which you can watch all channels of DD Free Dish. There is no mandatory NCF network capacity fee of Rs 153 in this set top box so that you will have the freedom to subscribe to a single channel.
In Zing Super FTA Set Top Box, you can watch any of your favorite paid channel by subscribing. For example, suppose you want to watch Star Plus or Star Sports 1 Hindi in the IPL season with DD Free Dish channels, then you can easily watch it. You just have to pay the price of that channel, 18 percent GST and 10 rupees NCF per channel.
Example: All the channels of DD Free Dish and one paid channel will cost Star Plus 19/- plus 18 percent GST plus 22.42/- and above that the NCF rate of 32.42/- per channel will have to be paid. . It will be mandatory to pay an NCF of Rs 10 on each paid channel. On the other hand, if you do not want to watch any paid channel, then by turning it off, you can enjoy the channels of DD Free Dish only.
Zing Super FTA Set Top Box Price
The question of many of you will be that what will be the Zing Super FTA Set Top box price and how can we buy it. At present you can buy it only from your nearest dealer. You can contact any Dish TV dealer regarding this. Its price has been kept between Rs.800 to Rs.1200 and the cost of dish antenna, cable wire, LNB will be taken separately. You cannot take it online at the moment. It can be bought only by the dealer. At the same time, it can be installed in all the states of India.


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