GTPL Hathway is No.1 MSO in the country


GTPL Hathway Limited is now the nation’s No.1 Multi System Operator (MSO) according to the latest report released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). While there are 1745 digital MSOs permitted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to operate throughput the country, only 13 of them have crossed a connectivity of 10 lakhs. Even among them, only 4 have crosses 45 lakhs. They are GTPL Hathway (7,799,167), Siti Networks (7,649,554), Hathway Digital (5,505,062), Den Networks (4,670,618).

Earlier, Siti Networks used to be the undisputed No.1 in the cable industry. But now, the latest Release from TRAI, which is supposed to issue such a report every three months, has released its latest report. As per the report, GTPL Hathway has bagged the number one position keeping aside the SITI. It is a matter of pride that GTPL Hathway has earned the No.1 position, withstanding the onslaught of OTT on one hand and DTH on the other.


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