Hare Krsna TV to air motivational talks


Dr Bimal Shah runs Hare Krsna TV, a free to air (FTA) satellite TV channel. Being a self-funded channel run for social service. While many cable operators carry it without a carriage fee, the channel feels it is doing a social service and requests all the DPOs to carry without asking for any carriage fee. To provide maximum viewing experience, the channel is also ad-free. It doesn’t even have teleshoppe or any other kind of promotional shows.
The channel sources, curates and processes content from the worldwide centres of The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). The programming lineup consists of temple darshan from various centres of ISKCON, morning darshan and all the aartis. Besides this, a major portion of the programming includes music and satsang. The footages are acquired from 600 ISKCON centres in the world.
Dr Bimal Shah, who runs the channel says, “ Our channel doesn’t just talk about Bhagwat Geeta or our Puranas, but it also conducts a lot of motivational talks that connect to the youth. ISKCON is just not synchronised on religion; It is very similar to other motivational speakers and has a lot of practical implementation in day to day life. Today Hare Krsna TV will complete four years since its launch.


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