Hathway removes NDTV from popular channel packs


Hindi news channel NDTV India has been removed from popular channel packs offered by cable TV operator Hathway Cable and Datacom, the channel has said. NDTV top brass raises the issue on social media. The channel tweeted the development on 3 September via its Twitter handle asking customers of the cable operator to call the customer service number and ask why NDTV India channel has been removed. It also asked them to tweet to the cable provider using their official Twitter handle.
The call was taken up by NDTV Convergence, head, Suparna Singh and NDTV India, senior executive editor, Ravish Kumar. The Twitter posts have gone viral garnering thousands of views, likes and retweets. The situation escalated further when Ravish Kumar shared a video clip that has been shared across NDTV’s social media handles.
“Often TV News channels are removed from the channel packs citing operational bottlenecks. However, this matter is different,” said Kumar on his Prime Time Show. “There is a lot of effort that goes into preparing the programming for NDTV. This programme is not conjured out of thin air. The effort that goes into producing the primetime shows, there are thousands of words that are typed from the morning 7 a.m till the evening 10 p.m, which I do myself. We have a small team that puts in a lot of effort.”
Kumar said it is not good when the programming that is created with so much effort is not able to reach the viewer because of the hurdles imposed by others. “We will continue to work. Today’s programme will not reach you. Yet, when history will look back, it will note that this was the only programme worth watching,” he said.


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