IN10 Media Network eyes on Southern Market


The regional television battle has intensified with the entrance of IN10 Media Network’s plan to capture the southern markets. The network, which has five linear TV channels under its belt, wants to capture an array of audience sets via its various offerings. From a kids channel to launching a GEC early this year, the network is leaving no stones unturned to fight out the biggies in the market.

The next step was to capture the southern markets. In April, the network’s kids’ entertainment channel Gubbare rolled out Tamil & Telugu audio feed apart from English and Hindi feeds for its popular show ViR-The Robot Boy. It plans to soon launch its other popular shows like Luv Kushh, Marcus Khiladi, and the overall content library in the South Indian languages.

The network plans to do so for its other channels as well. The Indian infotainment channel, EPIC, which saw a runaway success within months of its launch, will start English transmission for the southern markets from June 15, 2021.

A right move considering that South India alone accounts for a large part of the advertising pie. Seeing the enormous market value, all the leading networks like Star India, Zeel, Viacom18 have launched several regional channels to expand the portfolio of their regional cluster. The regional market is the new battleground for broadcasters, advertisers, and content producers, and competition among them is neck and neck.

Last year, the network had launched Filmachi, a Bhojpuri movie channel to capture the Bhojpuri entertainment market with an extensive library of popular films and the World Television Premiere of blockbuster films. Today, it boasts of being among the top 5 and eyes to be amongst the top 3 in coming years.

Its music channel, ShowBox, transmits 30% of Punjabi music and has already struck a chord with Punjabi viewers. To offer a Pan-India bouquet to its viewers, the network launched Ishara, a Hindi GEC channel on March 1st, 2021.

The network hopes to offer a bouquet of Pan-India channels to its advertisers.
The IN10 Media Network is slowly and steadily building its base by working on original content for all its offerings. The initial steps taken by the organization are indicative of the fact that its prime focus now is to tap the exponential regional market.


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