Karnataka Cable Operators take welfare route


The Karnataka State Cable Operators Association has launched certain welfare measures to benefit its members. A few months ago, it has inaugurated its own office in Bengaluru while it has launched a bilingual website for its Association in both Kannada and English languages. The portal is available at the link: www.kscoa.in
Mr. Patrick Raju, President of KSCOA has appealed to all the cable operators in the state to take membership in the organization. He also asked them to be the privileged members of a state level body that takes care of the welfare of its members. “This helps solve our common problems” he assured the cable fraternity.
“Those who take membership will be given an Identity card with a number apart from a Membership Certificate under the seal and signature. There will be meetings in districts in every three months to discuss issues related to cable industry. “Any legal issues related to cable business will be solved with the support from the Association” assured Mr. Patrick Raju.
In case of an eventuality, the family members of the deceased will get Rs. 1 lakh from the Association as a compensation. There will also be a Group Insurance Scheme and the family gets Rs. 6 lakhs from the Insurance Company in case of death of the member. This group insurance is also extended to the technicians working for the LCOs on payment of the relevant premium
Those who wants to become a member needs to pay an annual membership fee of Rs.1000. Before the expiry of one year, the same member has to renew his membership on payment of Rs. 800 per annum in the consecutive years. Those who do not take membership or those who fail to renew their membership will not be eligible for the benefits provided by the Association. However, they may take membership afresh on payment of Rs.1000.
The Association will take up awareness camps to bring awareness among the people and to alert them on the penetration of Corporate MSOs. The anti-cable business decisions of both Central and State government will be fought tooth and nail. There will be a series of technical training sessions so that the cable fraternity is updated on the latest technologies” said Mr. Tirumalesh Desai, the Vice President of the Association.


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