LCOs approach Kerala HC Against GST Invoice


Local Cable TV Operators have filed petition in Kerala High Court against Press release issued by the Director-General of Goods and Service Tax Intelligence (DGGI) asking all cable TV subscribers to insist for GST Invoice from Cable TV Operators.
The Petitioners contended that Local Cable Operators (LCO) whose aggregate annual turnover does not exceed 20 Lakhs in a year and therefore not required to obtain registration under the CGST Act or the Kerala GST Act, 2017. The Petitioners argued that, by issuing such a press release, DGGI is indirectly asking all the cable TV operators to obtain registration and pay GST, when they are not legally required to obtain registration as per CGST Act.
The petitioners are of the view that the Press release had caused confusion and panic among the subscribers and left a negative impression about the cable TV operators including the Petitioners among the general public to suggest that they are raising bills without GST for the purpose of tax evasion. The confusion and panic caused among the subscribers due to the above press release has seriously affected the business operations of the Petitioners and therefore directly violates the fundamental rights guaranteed under Article 19 (1)(g) of the Constitution


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