Star Maa = ETV Telugu + Gemini TV


Star Maa continues to retain its 4th place among the channels at the All India level while itforst place amont Telugu news channels is unaffected. The two channels Gemini and ETV started in Telugu within a gap of 6 months are considered to be the pioneers of the Telugu TV industry, and their combined viewership is now equal to Star Maa. While Zee Telugu is ranked number 2 in Telugu, it has also achived 8th palce at the all India level.

As per the viewership data (for the week between 30th Jan and 5th feb) released by Broadcast Audince Researc Coucil (BARC) on 12th February, Star Maa (693456), Zee Telugu (518919), ETV Telugu (404429), Gemini TV (286004) got the four places in order.

Coming to the top programs of the channels, serials of Star Maa captured the top 4 positions while Zee Telugu could retain its 5th position. Star Maa serials Kateeka Deepam
(14088), Intinti Gruhalakshmi (11,078), Devatha (8650), and Guppedantha Manasu (7985), secured the first four places while Zee Telugu’s Trinayani (7296) retained its 5th place.


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